Bail: Get Out of Jail!

Bail: Get Out of Jail!

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When someone is arrested, the only thing they are thinking is how they are going to get out of jail and how quickly they can do it. At Optimal Bail Bonds in Miami-Dade County, we understand the urgency and offer the best bail bond services to help secure your release.

Bail: Get Out of Jail!

The bond process is relatively straightforward — a judge sets a bond amount and you have the choice to sit in jail until your court hearing or you can pay the bond and leave jail. Upon completion and closure of your case, your bond will be returned to you, minus the deducted court fees and costs charges. If you do not want to wait until your trial to leave incarceration, there are a few ways you can leave before your trial:



Citation Release: If you are never arrested, but rather given a citation to appear in court or pay a fine. This type of release is common in traffic violations and other minor crimes.

Recognizance Release: This means you do not need to post bail but sign a document acknowledging that they will return to court. There is no fee to leave, but there is a fine for missing court.



If the charges warrant it, or there is a doubt that the defendant will show up for court, bail may be required to be allowed to leave incarceration or pretrial. Bail is cash collateral given to the court in place of the arrested person to ensure that the defendant will show up to court. The alternative is staying in jail until they can attend court with a judge to determine the next steps. If the defendant does not show up to court as ordered, the court will keep the bail money and issue a warrant for arrest.



This is used when you need to get out of jail and cannot afford the bail. Surety bonds use a bail bondsman to pay the cash bail for you, and you pay the bondsman ten percent of your bail amount. The bondsman gets the bail money returned when you appear in court, but you forfeit the ten percent to the bondsman as a non-refundable fee. If you do not appear in court and the court keeps your bail money, the bondsman has the authority to arrest you.



Judges are responsible for setting bail amounts. However, many people don’t want to wait until they see a judge to pay their way out, so many courts have standard bail schedules or use an algorithm to calculate bail. An individual can get out of jail quickly if they pay the listed amount. Bailed-out defendants must then follow conditions of release or be re-arrested and returned to jail.

For some crimes, such as felonies, violent crimes, or credible threats, bail may be denied and the defendant may be required to remain in jail until seen in court. This is common when the defendant is charged with, and the evidence against them is great, violence or sexual assault against another person to prevent further harm.

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If you or a friend or family has been arrested, don’t stay in jail any longer than you need to.

Optimal Bail Bonds is one of the leading bail bond agencies in Miami-Dade County. Contact us for help bailing you out.

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