Dealing with criminal offences and getting yourself and your loved ones out of jail is a tiring and anxious process. Fortunately, bail companies and bondsmen are out there who help people to get them out of jail while their cases are being proceeded in the court of law.

Majority of the people, who land into these challenging situations for the first time, are not aware of different types of bail bonds in Miami. It is important to have the knowledge of all these bail bonds in order to have a preset plan for getting a parole.


People have to pay a large sum of cash to get temporary release from jail in cash bail bonds. Miami has some experienced bail bondsmen who can arrange thousands of dollars of bail money quickly to secure the release. In some instances, the Department of Correction also accepts check and credit card payments.


In case you fail to secure bail on cash bond, there is an option where you will be offered for a surety bond by a bail bondsman. One can secure this bail bond by paying 10% of the amount of bail money to the bail bondsman while pledging to appear punctually on all court dates.


It is a special type of bail bond used for the release of undocumented immigrants in the country. These bail bonds are very difficult to obtain. Only a bail bondsman with experience in securing releases of settlers is of great help in getting immigration bail bonds. Miami-based practiced bondsmen in the state can manage to steer through the confusing custody status of immigrants.


If you don’t have enough money at your disposal then you can use your property as collateral for the release through property bail bonds. Miami and other parts of Florida accept such bonds, but in other states they are rarely used.


If you have been charged with a federal felony then this bail bond is used to get out on parole. Cash and other assets can be used to secure these bonds.

Aside from these bail bonds, there are some other release contracts as well to secure your release.


For minor offences, citation release is enough to protect yourself from jail time. This type of bail involves no cash and other tangible asset. The arresting officer provides you with a citation release instead of making an arrest. The citation obligates the charged individual to appear in court on a given date.

Personal Recognizance is very identical to the citation release where the charged person gets released from police custody after signing some documents. Fines will be imposed if one fails to appear before the court. This release contract is also very much dependent on the judgment of the arresting officer.

If you end up in a situation where you need professional assistance on securing any type of bail bonds in Miami and rest of Florida, then we are here to help you with our years of expertise in the field.